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  • The Magnificent Seven: The 7 Sacraments ... Are They Biblical? - Deacon Harold Burke Sivers & Hector Molina

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    In this presentation, Catholic speakers Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Hector Molina will explore the meaning and purpose of sacraments. They show how all 7 sacraments come straight from the bible.

    Both speakers are very dynamic and offer a very informative talk packed with scripture quotes. E...

  • Relationship, Intimacy, Holiness - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

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    Catholic speaker and evangelist Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers explores how the culture portrays human sexuality and provides the faith enriching tools that are needed to incorporate virtue and
    chastity into everyday lived experiences.

  • Living A Eucharistic Faith: The Big Deal About the Mass - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

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    In this presentation, delivered to high school students, Dynamic
    speaker and bible Catholic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers shows clearly
    and definitively that the Mass and Scripture are intimately connected.
    Deacon Harold demonstrates from the Bible how the Mass unites us to
    Christ's sacrifice on...

  • The Shocking Truth about the Pope and the Bible

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    Tim shows how some of the most common objections to the Catholic Faith about the Pope can be turned around the demonstrate the truth of the Catholic Church.

    Taken from Tim's own experience, you'll be surprised that the very questions so many Catholics fear and avoid because they don't really k...