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  • The World, The Flesh, The Devil - Fr John Rizzo

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    In this presentation, Fr Rizzo speaks about the vices which can lead us to sin and how to best avoid them.

    He covers various aspects of this topic, including:

    • The great peace that comes with the sacrament of confession

    • That saints were also sinners, but by God's grace they were able to bec...

  • The Non-Negotiables - Tim Staples

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    Would you like a concise explanation of where the Church stands on some of today's most important, non-negotiable moral issues?
    In this presentation, Tim Staples clearly explains:

    * Why the Church teaches as it does about some of these issues;
    * Why the Church's teachings are binding on all ...

  • How to Talk To Non-Believers - Steve Ray

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    Defending Catholicism against the ignorance and prejudice of Fundamentalists, Mormons and others is often difficult and discouraging.
    In this classic apologetics talk, Steve Ray, a Catholic apologist, shows how making the case for the Church with non-Catholics can be done in a way that is effecti...

  • Epic Food Fight - Fr Leo Patalinghug

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    Fr Leo blends profound truths with humor and wit in a way that appeals to a wide cross-section of Catholics.

    In this presentation, Fr Leo goes beyond an explanation of how eating together builds stronger families to probe more deeply into the theological aspects of food.
    Following the example o...