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  • The Catholic Faith Explained - Dr Edward Sri

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    In this presentation, Dr Sri walks us through the Catholic faith in a way that will help to address some of the questions asked by the world today.

    This talk is based on Dr Sri's book 'Love Unveiled: the Catholic Faith Explained'.

  • Men, Women and the Mystery of Love - Dr Edward Sri

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    Ever wonder why the opposite sex is so mysterious?

    You’re not alone. The world’s view of love has caused plenty of confusion and heartache. Discover John Paul II’s revolutionary view of intimacy and the clarity it offers to modern dating relationships.

  • Mary Through the Eyes of Scripture - Dr Edward Sri

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    Mary Through the Eyes of Scripture - Dr Edward Sri (DVD)

    In this presentation Dr. Edward Sri highlights the passages from the bible in which Mary is featured and displays how her witness and actions to these key moments in here life can be an example for us in our own lives.

  • Why The Cross - Robert M. Haddad

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    Was there no other way in which Christ could attain for us our Salvation?
    In this clear and informative presentation, Robert explains why God chose for our salvation to be attained for us by Jesus' dying on the cross, rather than by any other means.