The Gospel through the eyes of Matthew - Andrew Wood

The Gospel through the eyes of Matthew - Andrew Wood

In this illuminating talk Andrew Wood takes you through the high points of Matthew’s Gospel.

When many people start reading the New Testament, beginning with Matthew’s Gospel, they usually struggle to get past the first page because it begins with Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. Andrew will show you why Matthew begins his Gospel like this and how it sets the stage for what follows. You will also see how Matthew presents the character of Jesus as a New Moses and New David figure who has come to restore the Old Testament’s Davidic Kingdom and the twelve tribes of Israel by ushering in a New Exodus and by instituting the Church as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

With a close reading of the text Andrew will explain the five-fold narrative-discourse sequence of Matthew’s Gospel. Each time after Matthew narrates certain actions of Jesus’ public ministry he then presents Jesus giving a discourse or sermon. In this way Matthew provides Jesus’ five blockbuster sermons, or as one scholar has put it: ‘Five Speeches that Changed the World.’ A close look at each of these sermons will enable you to come to know what Jesus is calling each of us to do with our lives and what he ultimately wants us to be for all eternity.

This talk will definitely inspire you to study the Gospel of Matthew further and to come to a deeper knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

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The Gospel through the eyes of Matthew - Andrew Wood

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